About Cambium Assessment

Cambium Assessment is a leading provider of online assessments for students across America.

What We Do

For over twelve years, Cambium Assessment has served at the forefront of the online assessment industry, and we continue to grow. Our continuum of capabilities and services has enabled numerous states and education consortia to transition from paper-pencil testing and into online-assessment systems almost instantaneously. In the 2018–2019 school year alone, we delivered more than 60 million tests to nearly a third of the nation’s students in 28 states and jurisdictions. All of these tests were processed with the rapid scoring and reporting turnaround essential for educators to identify their students’ strengths and needs promptly.

Cambium Assessment is a part of Cambium Learning® Group, the education essentials company. Across all areas of our organization, we deliver technology solutions and services that emphasize the elements that are most essential to education’s success: simplicity, certainty and now.

Why States Choose Us

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Valid and Innovative Tests

Our tests collect more information on what each student knows.

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Empowering Teachers and Students

Through rapid scoring and timely reporting mechanisms, our systems free up teachers to teach and students to learn.

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Groundbreaking Work

We push the boundaries of measuring student performance using Machine Learning methods.

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ISO Certified


Our systems and processes are currently certified on ISO 27001 standards.

President of Cambium Assessment

Steve Kromer

Steve Kromer is president of Cambium Assessment (formerly AIR Assessment) and has more than 30 years of experience in the area of student assessment and measurement. He was named president of AIR Assessment in 2019 after serving as its chief operating officer (2013–2019) and as AIR’s executive director of assessment (2007–2013). Kromer helped lead AIR Assessment to become one of the largest and most innovative student assessment brands in the country. He has been at the front in the expansion of its online testing systems and building its reputation for secure, state-of-the-art assessment design and high-quality customer service. Prior to joining AIR, Kromer spent 21 years in the state testing industry.

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